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Brain Lamp

18 Apr

Brain Lamp

Lightbulb! By science-artist (the best kind of artist. Also the best kind of scientist) Jessica Lloyd-Jones. Visit her here.


Monster Putty Eats Magnet

18 Apr

So this guy mixed iron filings with Silly Putty and it turned the Silly Putty into a MAGNET-CRAZED EATING MACHINE. And I recommend watching the time-lapsed video. Honestly, I’d watch just about any time-lapse video.


SCIENCE FICTION COMES TRUE: Giant Robot Spider Invades Japan

5 Apr

This is a performance by a group of artists called La Machine. A group of awesome, awesome artists.


SCIENCE FICTION COMES TRUE: Petman, the Evil Robot Who’s Coming to Kill You

5 Apr

We are so far down the Uncanny Valley, you guys. Also apparently known as the valley of the shadow of death.

Cthulhu Lives… as a Microorganism

3 Apr

This little creature has been named Cthulhu macrofasciculumque. It is a single-celled protist that helps termites digest wood. It has slept for dark aeons on the plane of Leng, but it awakes and comes to devour your tables and chairs, and perhaps your souls if it is still hungry.UBC researcher Erick James is the lead author of the paper describing the newly discovered, obviously eldritch unicellular organisms.


Time to Retire the Rods From God

2 Apr


So “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” is not a terrible film. But its most impressive sci-fi plot twist is that Cobra Commander threatens to drop rods of inert, albeit very tough metal on major cities from orbit, known colloquially and by military guys with really dark senses of humor as “rods from God.”

A brief list of works that contain this trope, invented in real life by SF writer Jerry Pournelle in the 1950’s while he was working for Boeing, follows:

—”Footfall” by Pournelle himself and frequent collaborator Larry Niven

—”Tom Clancy’s EndWar” by “David Michaels

—”Anathem” by Neal Stephenson

—”Global Frequency” by Warren Ellis and Gene Ha (beautiful page by Ha excerpted above)

And many more.

So let’s put that one to bed, folks.

Not a Flying Saucer

2 Apr


This is a lenticular cloud. It looks just like a flying saucer, but is not one. It and similar formations are caused by wave motions in the atmosphere and are usually seen in mountainous or hilly areas. Now you know what all those grainy photographs are actually of.

More here.