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George Soros, w…

18 Apr

George Soros, who died XXX at age XXX, was a predatory and hugely successful financier and investor, who argued paradoxically for years against the same sort of free-wheeling capitalism that made him billions.

Lede from the terrible, terrible George Soros obit published accidentally by Reuters today. Come on, guys.



15 Apr

Politics are tricky but handing over corporate surveillance data directly to the military is kind of a three-foot putt. Please tweet or share this and put a stop to it, and by it, I mean the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, or CISPA. It sucks.



27 Mar


Also Bill Clinton Was Not That Big on Gay Marriage

26 Mar

As our gay and lesbian friends finally approach the time when they can join the straights in wedded bliss (seriously, this is the stupidest argument in the history of stupid arguments. You’re a Christian and you think gays shouldn’t get married because God doesn’t approve of gay sex? Okay, do you think atheists should get married? Because God’s not historically that big on atheists, either, and nobody tells them they can’t file their taxes jointly), it’s worth remembering, as Andrew Kaczynski notes over at BuzzFeed, that everybody who remembers Bill Clinton through rose-colored glasses is on crazy pills.

Today in Chutzpah: Karl Rove Says Stephen Colbert Is Too Angry

25 Mar

And now for something completely different: Karl Rove, the blithering tactical idiot who played a key role in the waging of three hilariously unwinnable wars, one on an emotional state called “terror,” thinks comedian Stephen Colbert is too angry. This is a thing I would not have believed if I had not read it myself, but there you have it.

Mind you, if Karl Rove said the sky was blue, I would run outside to check, but this is a particularly egregious lie even for someone who has made a career of projecting his flaws onto other people.

But to show you I’m not biased, here is a video of Karl Rove freaking out on election night 2012 as all his hopes and dreams die in a terrible fire:

..and here is a .gif of Colbert kissing two kittens for as long as you can stand to watch.

Colbert being fair and balanced
The Sidereal Daily Mentioner: I report. You shut up.


Like Pipe Dream but with environmental consequences

22 Mar

Like Pipe Dream but with environmental consequences

This is the best/worst thing I’ve ever seen. The little protesters are SO ANNOYING. Here’s a handy tip: save as many squares that have farmland or trees or animals on it as late as you can and lay pipe around it; that way you break all the necessary environmental regulations and destroy goodwill in one fell swoop and the pipeline is finished before anybody can do anything to stop you.

My God, I’m a monster.


I do not object to this specific use of the Confederate flag

22 Mar

I do not object to this specific use of the Confederate flag

Everything about this story surprises and delights me, especially the rage of the contemporary apologists for the Confederacy, of whom there are far more than you’d think. At a close second is the revelation that there apparently existed a quorum of curators who thought desecrating the Stars and Bars at a museum commemorating Appomattox was a fabulous idea. I want to hug each and every one of them. Mother Jones has a fun take on it if you want to click on the photo, which I pulled from a wingnutty blog.