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Neil Gaiman Writing a Sequel to “American Gods”

18 Apr

Seriously, how this one slipped by I’ll never know, but Tor.com, which you’d think would be fairly reliable, printed the following in a blog post on a talk Neil Gaiman gave at the Cambridge International Student Film Festival on his TV and film work, on the subject of the upcoming HBO “American Gods” series:

The first two seasons of the show will consist of the book. By then Gaiman hopes to have the American Gods sequel novel written and headed for release.

Look, I don’t exactly want to fanboy squee all over this one because I know “American Gods” gets talked up a lot, but it really is a very, very good book; well-written and perfectly plotted. Gaiman continuing the story (beyond the tie-in he wrote for Robert Silverberg’s “Legends” anthologies, which is quite good and reprinted in “Fragile Things”) is very, very good news indeed.


The Weirdest Group Ever Will Serve on the CBLDF Advisory Board

10 Apr

The Weirdest Group Ever Will Serve on the CBLDF Advisory Board

That group is:

1) Jim Lee, president of DC Comics, which has done such notable things in the recent past as alienate essentially every talented writer in the industry and take a huge dump all over Alan Moore in as public a way as possible.

2) Neil Gaiman, friend of Alan Moore, frequent champion of small animals, sneakily feminist comics writer, New York Times bestselling prose author, essentially a human teddy bear, who is married to a hot rock star and promotes libraries in his spare time.

3) Frank Miller, supremely cranky libertarian recluse author/artist of innumerable works of questionable taste and frequently extreme sexuality and/or violence who hates hippies.

You can see how each of these guys have a major stake in a free-speech organization devoted to protecting comic books, but what on earth else will they talk about?

The CBLDF: Bringing people together.


In Honor of This Quote, There Will Be More Pictures of Miracleman

9 Apr

There has been progress. Considerable progress. And we’ll be making an announcement soon. I’m a huge fan of Marvelman. I’m very excited about seeing him being published by Marvel.

Marvel Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso on the future of Marvelman.


Look, a New Poem by Neil Gaiman

3 Apr

Look, a New Poem by Neil Gaiman

Go read it. It’s very good.


Marvelman/Miracleman News: All Is Darkness and Shame

3 Apr

Marvelman/Miracleman News: All Is Darkness and Shame

Mark Buckingham clarifies his quote from earlier: “After 20 years of waiting my enthusiasm for the MM book and working with Neil remains undiminished. The truth is, as was the case back in 2009, if Marvel do finally announce his return the little bleeders will probably find out before me.”

Here’s a page from the will-probably-never-be-published comic to soothe (or perhaps enhance) the pain.


Neil Gaiman Completists Rejoice for “The Children’s Crusade!”

3 Apr

Neil Gaiman Completists Rejoice for “The Children’s Crusade!”

So back in the 1990’s when crossovers were a huge thing, a really nice DC Comics editor named Karen Berger was running her own, fairly new imprint called Vertigo. The star of the show was Neil Gaiman, who was writing the excellent “Sandman” series, and at some point someone decided that Vertigo had to have crossovers just like everyone else, despite the entire driving force behind the imprint being that its books were interesting and quirky in their own unique ways rather than slavishly conforming to a house style that sends all the creative people away in droves, Dan Didio.

Anyway, Neil Gaiman ran the thing and wrote most of the script for the bookends (which I strongly suspect he did to get out of having to include the main thrust of “The Sandman” in the thing, and thank God Berger let him do that because can you imagine?) and it’s actually pretty good as crossover books go, which is to say that I have the bookends in a short box somewhere and exactly none of the tie-in issues.

Lovely cover above by Dave McKean, whose work I’ve been wanting to post for any reason at all since starting this thing.

More ‘Neverwhere’ Coming Soon!

26 Mar

Most people I know who have read it think Neil Gaiman’s fantasy novel “Neverwhere” needs a sequel or eight and now, at least, there will be more of it: master anthologist Gardner Dozois will have a “Neverwhere”-universe story in the new collection he’s editing, “Rogues.”

From Gaiman’s Tumblr: “I’m nearly finished with ‘How the Marquis Got His Coat Back’, for a Gardner Dozois anthology called ROGUES. It has de Carabas in it, along with the Shepherds of Shepherds Bush, the Mushroom People, and the Elephant…

It’s not that I don’t write sequels. It’s that I get distracted by things I’ve never done and don’t know how to do before I ever get to them.”

For God’s sake, man, WHAT ELSE DO YOU HAVE TO DO?

Oh, yes, most things.