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A Very Smart Snake

2 Jun

Nature is amazing. If you are unconvinced, check out this neat explanatory gif sequence pulled from the late, great Futurama and if you are… not… un…convinced, I recommend this video for further proof that you are right in agreeing with me.
Okay, this is a video of a snake who wants to eat birds. Birds want to eat worms. This snake sits PERFECTLY STILL and then very subtly wiggles the end of its tail as though only a small part of it was alive and aware and a worm. It’s disturbing.
And great.


Excuse Me Sir, Do You Have a Moment to Talk About the Environment?

25 Mar

This via Jamie Zawinski’s excellent blog jwz.org (see click-through link), this is an electron microscope image of a hydrothermal worm. There was a small display of EM pics at the American Museum of Natural History a few months ago and it was awesome. This is also awesome.