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In Memory of Storm Thorgerson

18 Apr

In Memory of Storm Thorgerson

Thorgerson created amazing album covers for Pink Floyd, among others. Here’s a great compilation and a clever picture in his memory (“Back Catalogue,” get it?).


Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo Plays ‘God Only Knows’ On the Piano

12 Apr

This is one of my favorite songs (scroll down a few posts for the barbershop quartet version from “BioShock: Infinite”) and I love Weezer. Rivers does a good job here.


Because It Is “BioShock: Infinite” Day, We Will Now Celebrate With a Barbershop Quartet Singing ‘God Only Knows’

9 Apr

That is all.


Here Is an Amazing A Capella Cover of “I Knew You Were Trouble.”

5 Apr

Artists are Walk Off the Earth and KRNFX.

True Story, Swear to God

26 Mar


Well, folks, the internet is over. This guy won. Hire him for your rockin’ band, because he is clearly a man (assuming a man?) who knows how to get things done and take care of business. Wait, “Takin’ Care of Business” has a Bb in it, doesn’t it? Damn. Okay, well, he’s still your guy.

No fat chicks, please.