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A Very Smart Snake

2 Jun

Nature is amazing. If you are unconvinced, check out this neat explanatory gif sequence pulled from the late, great Futurama and if you are… not… un…convinced, I recommend this video for further proof that you are right in agreeing with me.
Okay, this is a video of a snake who wants to eat birds. Birds want to eat worms. This snake sits PERFECTLY STILL and then very subtly wiggles the end of its tail as though only a small part of it was alive and aware and a worm. It’s disturbing.
And great.


GOOD JOB: Leela Cosplay

4 Apr

Via DeviantArt, user CharcoalEyes does a kind of amazing job of making herself look both hot and weird as Turanga Leela, sweetheart of Philip J. Fry from one of the smartest and strangest shows ever made, Futurama. Well done indeed.