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Ween—The Golden Eel

2 Jun

I have discovered my favorite band recently, which is kind of a shame, because they broke up two years ago. Anyway, they’re called Ween, they do all kinds of crazy nonsense, and their two best records are “The Mollusk” and “Quebec,” in my humble opinion. Here’s a great cut from the former, called “The Golden Eel,” about, um, a Golden Eel. I don’t know. It’s strange. If you’re interested in prog rock or guitar, they’re definitely for you. They also have a really funny, borderline obscene country & western record called “12 Golden Country Greats.” It has 10 songs on it, including one really virtuosic number called “Piss Up a Rope.” That’s kind of all you need to know.


Astro City Is Coming Back as an Ongoing! <–BEST NEWS EVER

28 Mar

Kurt Busiek’s Astro City is one of the best superhero comic books currently going on, and it’s coming back after a loooooong hiatus this coming June as an ongoing series—as opposed to the several miniseries it’s been since Busiek, Anderson and Ross pulled the plug on the first ongoing. It’s one of the few books that tries to address the legacy of the late Jack Kirby and actually manages not merely to avoid embarrassing itself but to go the King one better. The characters are beautifully fleshed-out, Brent Anderson’s art is gritty in perfect counterpoint to Kirby’s blockiness, and Alex Ross’s character designs are second to none.

And the last few stories have just been stellar, so I was pretty worried when Wildstorm went away a few years ago, let me tell you. It’s not good for a comic book when the publisher folds (see previous post on Miracleman), even if it’s an imprint of a larger entity. Also the poor bastard (Busiek) got horribly, horribly ill—his Twitter feed was nail-biting for a little while, let me tell you—but now he’s better (hooray!) and there’s a new book coming out about somebody called “The Broken Man,” published by DC proper.

Hopes are very high.

We Now Know Definitively That Legos Are Fun in Space

26 Mar


If you don’t believe me, you obnoxious skeptic, you should look at the article here, about how Legos were used to demonstrate the effects of zero gravity on simple machines, and probably also Harry Potter, who is adorable as a Lego man. Even Snape is adorable.

This is the  best article I have ever written in my life.