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Ween—The Golden Eel

2 Jun

I have discovered my favorite band recently, which is kind of a shame, because they broke up two years ago. Anyway, they’re called Ween, they do all kinds of crazy nonsense, and their two best records are “The Mollusk” and “Quebec,” in my humble opinion. Here’s a great cut from the former, called “The Golden Eel,” about, um, a Golden Eel. I don’t know. It’s strange. If you’re interested in prog rock or guitar, they’re definitely for you. They also have a really funny, borderline obscene country & western record called “12 Golden Country Greats.” It has 10 songs on it, including one really virtuosic number called “Piss Up a Rope.” That’s kind of all you need to know.


Frank Miller ‘Sin City’-style Gucci Short Exactly as Tacky as You Would Expect

27 Mar

Seriously guys, seriously. Guys: seriously. Gucci paid Frank Miller to direct a commercial, and it looks like his noir-on-absinthe comic books except without actual drawing, so it’s just computer-colored footage of people in vintage-inspired clothing making out.
This is sort of a perfect marriage of brand and talent, though, right? Gucci is a brand for douchebags (see previous) and Frank Miller is a douchebag, so QED.
Guy can draw, though, don’t get me wrong, I just think he is INSANE.