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The Rementioning

8 May

Hello, folks, I started this thing pseudonymously a few years ago as a personal exercise to see if I could bang out enough clickbait to make metrics work in my favor and found that, unpleasant as it was, I could do it. It was just aggregating garbage, though, so I spent a little while noodling around with fun arts and science stuff that I liked and let it drop. Now I’m hoisting the Jolly Roger and putting the thing back into service, primarily as an infosec blog. My strength as a writer-reporter is making complex topics readably simple so I’m going to look for interesting original work to post on the Daily Mentioner and keep a few regular series going simultaneously.

My name is Sam Thielman. I’ve been a reporter in some capacity for ten years, first as a theater critic, which is reporting when done correctly, and then as media and technology reporter for a few places, first Variety (where I also covered theater), then Adweek, then, for the last two years, The Guardian, which I left reluctantly around the end of April with about a dozen other wonderful colleagues, for whom I retain much affection.

I often wander between beats, sometimes writing about comics or film in the middle of chipping a way at a complicated information security story; it helps keep me interested in both, I find. So expect to see some of the eclecticism here.

For my first series, I will be profiling the APT threat groups from news coverage and any primary sources I can find. I may try to sell these profiles elsewhere and if I do I will post links and excerpts here first. If I get to the end of the APTs without finding a new full-time job, I will add a donate button to this site, because this is expert work and I think it’s valuable, and I suspect other people do too.

Very best,