Neil Gaiman Writing a Sequel to “American Gods”

18 Apr

Seriously, how this one slipped by I’ll never know, but, which you’d think would be fairly reliable, printed the following in a blog post on a talk Neil Gaiman gave at the Cambridge International Student Film Festival on his TV and film work, on the subject of the upcoming HBO “American Gods” series:

The first two seasons of the show will consist of the book. By then Gaiman hopes to have the American Gods sequel novel written and headed for release.

Look, I don’t exactly want to fanboy squee all over this one because I know “American Gods” gets talked up a lot, but it really is a very, very good book; well-written and perfectly plotted. Gaiman continuing the story (beyond the tie-in he wrote for Robert Silverberg’s “Legends” anthologies, which is quite good and reprinted in “Fragile Things”) is very, very good news indeed.


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