‘Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell’ Gets Made Into a 7-Part Miniseries

9 Apr

Maybe the best SF novel of the last decade is getting turned into a 7-part BBC miniseries. It’s called, of course, “Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell,” it’s by the wonderful Susanna Clarke, and it’s being directed by a guy who’s done a bunch of “Doctor Who” episodes named Toby Haynes (his “Who” episodes are only so-so but his “Sherlock” episode is “The Reichenbach Fall,” which was pretty good. Expect flashiness), so fingers crossed (I love “Doctor Who” but nobody on earth watches that show for the direction. Good gravy, it’s bad a lot). Anyway, no word on stars (BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH) yet, but I think (BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH) the role of (BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH) Jonathan Strange could be adequately filled by any number of gifted English or American (PAUL GIAMAT— wait, BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH) actors.

The adaptation is being written by Peter Harness, who, again, is okay. He works on “Case Histories” for the BBC which is sometimes a good adaptation of some really great novels and is sometimes a really disagreeable wallow in horrible, horrible things happening to children.

There are no children in ” JS & Mr. N,” so that’s good.

Also, WordPress, when Hell freezes over will I start linking to Amazon.com. Buy the book from Powell’s or something if you haven’t read it, reader.



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