SCI-FI COMES TRUE: Ten Things That Will Happen With Google Glass

2 Apr

This thing:

Looks like that thing:

The one looks like someone’s actual life, the other is as twee as an indie band of potbellied pigs covering Outkast on the ukelele. Both include constant video monitoring of everything that is happening to the end-user. Here are ten things that will actually happen if Google Glass gets popular:

1) Lots and lots of amateur POV porn, much of it of dubious legality given obvious issues with consent.

2) More videos of cops beating people up on YouTube.

3) New legislation around single-party consent laws.

4) New entertainment genres: POV adventure, for example.

5) Lower salaries for cinematographers on television, especially in reality TV, where this will be a big gimmicky thing.

6) Huge leaks from corporations and governments wherever someone is wearing one of these.

7) Google capitulating to law enforcement requests that result in much greater stockpiles of evidence.

8) Lots of livestreaming sites.

9) Changes to investigative reporting and television viewership—imagine one of these at a press conference or a hostage taking.

10) Cats wearing them.


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