Netflix Officially Not Screwing Around With “Hemlock Grove”

1 Apr

Seriously, holy cow, look at this. Netflix picked up Lana and Andy Wachowski’s SF series (with J. Michael Straczynski) “Sense8” last week, but coming in just a couple of weeks is the Eli Roth-produced “Hemlock Grove,” a werewolf series that goes well out of its way to top the next-most-disturbing werewolf scene, the Gentleman’s transformation from Neil Jordan’s tonal smorgasbord “In the Company of Wolves,” ostensibly an adaptation of a great book of Angela Carter short stories, but in practice, God only knows (seriously, I defy you to tell me what that movie is about and why).

Viewer warning: it’s all SFX, but it’s pretty gross.

The excerpt from the Jordan movie, by the way, is here:



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