Doom (2099) Is Imminent

29 Mar

ImageMarvel is finally, finally reprinting Warren Ellis’s run on “Doom 2099,” a very cool and unusual take on Doctor Doom in which he’s the hero and becomes a for-serious monarch instead of a Kirbyesque cartoon of Hitler. It’s off-the-wall and maybe not as good as “Transmetropolitan” or “Planetary” but it is still quite good, and it is available as a single trade paperback this week.

So the Marvel 2099 imprint is fondly remembered by people who haven’t read it since they were teenagers for being foil-covered, strangely (and interestingly, to be honest) art directed in that 1990’s the-future-will-have-no-ragged-edges way, but also for being the first time British comics (and now prose) writer Warren Ellis really got a chance to shine on an ongoing series (and boy has artist Pat Broderick been a jerk about it, by the way).

And speaking of books this company needs to reprint: hey, Marvel, you’ve worked your way right up to the Gail Simone issues of “Deadpool” in your “Deadpool Classic” reprints series. Don’t stop now! Let’s have the Simone “Deadpool,” “Marvelman” and “Doom 2099” all in one year!

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