COMMENTARY: ‘My Chivalric Fiasco’ by George Saunders

29 Mar

Like Kurt Vonnegut before him, George Saunders has used genre tropes from science fiction to write some of the greatest books on the literary fiction shelves. Plenty of writers slum it, writing trashy horror or SF stuff because they think that’s where you can get away with shoddy storytelling, but Saunders has a great way with the most troubling, weird aspects of science fiction and this is my favorite story from his wonderful new collection, “10th of December,” which would be right at home next to your copy of “Storeys from the Old Hotel” by Gene Wolfe or “Fragile Things” by Neil Gaiman as well as anything Sam Lipsyte or the magnificent Junot Diaz is doing today. It’s very funny, and very sad, and uses language in a wonderful way.

You can read it at Harper’s if you have a subscription, which I recommend.

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