The Extremely Nice Gene Ha Sounds Off on The New 52

28 Mar

DC has relaunched its universe as “The New 52” and it’s kind of terrible. Gene Ha has some very gentle, nuanced criticism here at the excellent Bleeding Cool, and it’s well worth the read. An excerpt:

 I wished for room for more and different creative visions in the DCU. I don’t mean Top 10, I mean things like Angel And The Ape and the pre-New 52 Power Girl book. I haven’t seen the numbers, so there might be good sales reasons for this. And I’m no PR or editorial guy, I have no idea how to create a signature house style that makes fanboys want to try every book of the 52. A funny Captain Carrot book might have ruined the whole effort.

Honestly, I’d be right on board with a good Captain Carrot book rather than “Batman” and 51 other comics that read like “Batman.”


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