Doctor Who Wins a Peabody Award

27 Mar

The really, really, really long-running BBC series Doctor Who has nabbed a Peabody Award, a high distinction for a scripted program. They usually go to shows with a newsy or educational element, and Doctor Who is super fun, and, okay, occasionally mildly science-y, but it’s a nice step in the right direction for the Peabodies. Anyway, good job Doctor Who, which returns to the airwaves on March 30 after kind of a wayward season with one of my least favorite companions ever (goodbye, Amy Pond! You were a very masculine idea of feminist empowerment and I won’t miss you!) and the best Christmas special in the series so far. The new companion gal is drop-dead gorgeous and her backstory is interesting, and I like that she wrong-foots the Doctor by getting ahead of him regularly, so this promises to be the best dynamic since the Catherine Tate season—far and away the show’s best to date.

Also very good: the radio show version that’s been keeping me busy between “Neverwhere” episodes.

Here’s the most recent trailer.

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