Gross, Dude

26 Mar

gucci gucci goo.

Gross, Dude

So this guy Buzz Bissinger who wrote the book “Friday Night Lights” that then got turned into all the other “Friday Night Lights” things is addicted to buying fancy clothes and fine, whatever, good on him for owning it, but his article is ostensibly about how ashamed he is of his habit, and then the descriptions become less about how enticing the clothes are—that would have been interesting—and more about how totally awesome he thinks the clothes are, and then it becomes him wanking about irresistible clothes and poor-me-ing over how terrible his addiction is. I mean, maybe grow up? Just a suggestion.

Edit: Also: “No wonder male heterosexual whites are aimed toward obsolescence, boring the rest of us to death.” Uh, overspending on clothes doesn’t excuse you from your gender and race, big fella. There are ways to do that, but that ain’t one of ’em.

Edit: Also: “I sat in a soft armchair in the hotel suite sinking like a ship, barely able to keep my eyelids open in the wash of too much food and too much wine, but still managed to hit enough correct characters on my laptop to buy a $4,525 Versace jacket from Moda Operandi. I forgot I had bought it when it came a few months later, a pretty good indicator that I did not need it. But I still kept it, and it still is seriously smoking, and none of you can fucking have it.” Uh, that’s cool, bro, I don’t really want it.

Edit: Also: “I also went to Hong Kong and Macao with some friends. We went to sex clubs, many, many sex clubs with many, many women. We became tired. Four days seemed like four years.” I don’t usually say this kind of thing, but this guy needs Jesus. Seriously, get religion, stat.


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