Today in Chutzpah: Karl Rove Says Stephen Colbert Is Too Angry

25 Mar

And now for something completely different: Karl Rove, the blithering tactical idiot who played a key role in the waging of three hilariously unwinnable wars, one on an emotional state called “terror,” thinks comedian Stephen Colbert is too angry. This is a thing I would not have believed if I had not read it myself, but there you have it.

Mind you, if Karl Rove said the sky was blue, I would run outside to check, but this is a particularly egregious lie even for someone who has made a career of projecting his flaws onto other people.

But to show you I’m not biased, here is a video of Karl Rove freaking out on election night 2012 as all his hopes and dreams die in a terrible fire:

..and here is a .gif of Colbert kissing two kittens for as long as you can stand to watch.

Colbert being fair and balanced
The Sidereal Daily Mentioner: I report. You shut up.


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